The Christian Union is a community of disciples of Jesus seeking to make disciples who will in turn be disciple makers. That means we are all involved.  We also have a student executive affiliated with the JCU Student Association and staff employed by AFES.

Student Exec

President: Noah Gray

Vice President: Natasha Mills

Secretary: Lucy McLennan

Treasurer: Cameron MacPherson

Prayer Secretary: Macey Smith

General Members: Sarah Jenner and David Nwankpa

AFES Staff

Tim Earnshaw

Tim is the campus director and has been working with AFES since 2006. He is married to Katrina and they have 3 kids. He studied Exercise Science at Wollongong Uni before studying at Moore Theological College.

Julia Bollen

Julia is the senior female worker. She joined the team in 2014 having studied Criminology at the University of New South Wales and later studied at Moore Theological College in Sydney. She is passionate about people knowing Jesus and loves reading the Bible with women.

Samantha Stafford

Samantha is doing a ministry apprenticeship. She is married to Daniel. Samantha studied Nursing at JCU where she became a Christian and worked at The Townsville Hospital before starting with CU in 2019.

Brock Hawke

Brock is doing a ministry apprenticeship. He is married to Grace. Brock studied Medicine before deciding to take some time off and work in Disability Support. He is starting with CU in 2020.

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